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Pig Market Update 11th September

No change in factory quotes for pigs again this week. Farmers report prices in the general range of €1.80c/kg up to €1.82c/kg, with the upper end becoming more common. The third quarter of the year normally sees an increase in production across Europe and a depression in the market but it seems that demand from China is going to dominate the market for the foreseeable future.

Pig prices in China have increased dramatically in recent weeks, hitting over €5/kg. Pork stocks that were built up by early culling in advance of spreading ASF throughout China have now depleted and the market must pay for the shortfall on the prevailing market. The most worrying issue for Irish farmers today remains the threat of ASF being introduced into Ireland and Tom Hogan, IFA Pig Chairman again called on the Department of Agriculture to increases checks of any imported pork into the country.

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