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Pig Market Update 12th April

There was no change to Irish pig prices last Friday with farmers  reporting quotes of €2.28 as an average Irish price. Some farmers are reporting top prices of circa €2.36 – €2.38 with some processors.  

The average European Pig Price for week 13 was €2.36/kg according to the European Commission for a grade E carcass pig, which is 26% higher than the price for the same week last year. Prices have driven on further since week 13 in some MS. This is reflective of a significant tightening in pig supplies across  the European Union.  Significantly higher prices are available in other MS including France €2.85 and Spain €2.65. Irish pig prices generally averaged higher than the average EU price. The Irish price must push on stronger in the short-term. 

 The weekly throughput for week ending 9th of April 2023 was 64252, of which 1346 were sows. The ROI weekly pig kill is running 11% below this time last year. 

Today’s quotes as of the 12th of April for Sept ‘23 Irish Native dried Wheat circa €250- 255/t, this is for both old & new crop futures. Chicago soyabean futures (May-23) ended down 1% across the week (Fri-Thurs) closing $548.34/t. However, the US market was open yesterday and this contract closed at $546.42/t or €499/t, down $1.92/t on Friday’s close.  Much of the recent pressure for soyabeans has been from improved weather conditions across the US Midwest.

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