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Pig Market Update 13th April

Irish pig prices have remained the same this week with farmers receiving quotes of €1.60c/kg up to €1.64 or €1.66 – €1.70/kg. Farmers need more significant upward movement for the price they receive for their pigs from the marketplace urgently. 

Spiralling input costs of unprecedented levels have been hampering farmers margins now for many months and forward prices for feed are also extremely concerning. Glanbia green prices increased by €25 / tonne for wheat and barley since the 29th of March. Wheat going from €285 to €310 and barley €275 up to €300 as of the 12/4/22.  The break-even point at current prices in Ireland is currently over €2.10/kg. 

Details of a government aid package worth €13m for pig farmers has been noted on Wednesday but the details of this scheme have not yet been communicated. 

The European market is continuing to improve with pigmeat prices moving upward. The UK and France have passed the €2.00/kg and Spain looks likely to follow suit with its current price of c. €1.98/kg. The average European price is circa €1.80c/kg.  

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