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Pig Market Update 15th April

Both Staunton’s in West Cork and Dawn Pork & Bacon followed the lead of Rosderra and Kepak, by dropping their pig price by 4c/kg for this weeks kill. This leaves the Irish pig price a little more uniform as you look at the prices paid by each processor to their suppliers, as a 6-8c/kg gap had developed between the bottom payers, Rosderra and Kepak, and the rest.

The main concern for all farmers remains the ongoing operation of pig processing, and all is going to plan so far. A concerning development that has emerged in recent weeks, is the diversion of many of the pigs that had been traveling to Northern Ireland, now coming back to be processed in southern plants. This is not the time when additional pressure was needed on these processing plants, but they have coped well to date. While the price has reduced by 16c/kg to all suppliers at this stage, a pig price of €1.78-€1.82c/kg is still covering all costs and leaving a margin.

Pig Prices Reported

Rosderra: €1.78-1.82c/kg

Kepak: €1.80- €1.82c/kg

Staunton’s: €1.80-€1.84c/kg

Awan Pork & Bacon: €1.82-1.84c/kg

Sows: 95- 1.05c/kg

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