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Pig Market Update 15th December

Pig price held stablethis week. Farmers are receiving quotes ranging from €1.44c/kg up to €1.48or €1.46 – €1.50/kg for some this week.Throughput last week amounted to 78,218 in ROI.

Pig meat prices experienced a price increase across someEU member states this week including Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland.

Pig farmers continue to operate under extremely difficult conditions. Teagasc data shows that the composite feed price for December 2021has increased to €363/t. The estimated annualised cost of production in 2021 (based on 2020 non-feed costs and 2021 feed costs) was 167.5 cent per kg dwt. (2020; 158.6) for pigs delivered to the slaughter plant. Non feed costs have also taken a significant rise in 2021 which further increases the cost of production, leaving conditions difficult for pig farmers to remain sustainable.

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