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Pig Market Update 15th February

Last week’s report referred to the levelling off of downward price movements within the EU and the same is true for Irish pig prices.  There was an official increase of 4c/kg in Irish pig prices last Friday with farmers reporting quotes of at least €2.04 – €2.10 available from processors in ROI. The first upward move for some Irish pig producers was on the previous Friday.  Upward movements at this stage in the year are due to a tightening in supply across the EU which evidently is increasing the demand for pigmeat.  Higher prices are exactly what producers need as many have large debt to recover from the pig crisis which loomed for far too long.  

The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 5 was €2.03/kg which is up 2c/kg on last weeks price, but is back 2% on prices for the same week last year according to the Commission, and it is back -3% on last month’s price. 

The weekly throughput figures for week ending the 11th  of February was 54,575 of which 1,433 were sows as reported by DAFM. 

Finally, feed ingredient prices have reduced significantly from the soaring heights and are now back to Dec 2020 levels for the first time. (Ireland ex-port barley €218 and wheat €225 – Dec 24). 

For farmers buying from mills, speak with your supplier as ingredient prices have come back and there should be room for movement. 

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