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Pig Market Update 15th June

Irish pig price was unchanged this week for the larger processing plants with farmers receiving quotes of €1.78c/kg up to €1.82 or €1.84 – €1.88/kg. The weekly throughput for week ending 12/06/22 was 59,068.

Pig farmers are reporting feed costs of up to €1.81/kg depending on how farms have bought feed forward. Losses are still mounting to circa. €50 per pig and Teagasc latest figures estimate that the average 600-sow unit as of the 3rd of June is forecast to lose circa €45,000 for the month of June. 

Pig farmers protested last week outside two secondary processors. There is overwhelming frustration among pig farmers with the losses that they have been incurring for nine months, which are completely unsustainable.

 There was very little price change across Europe over the past week with Member States; Spain and France receiving over €2.00/kg as well as the UK. Price increases in UK (Cranswick gave their suppliers +5p/kg ‘contribution’) & Spain (heatwave = 0.5 kg lower pig sale weights). The European market prices have levelled with the weighted average price for grade S & E carcass at circa. €1.91/kg. 

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