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Pig Market Update 16th February

Pig prices remain unchanged in plants this week and farmers are receiving quotes of €1.40c/kg up to €1.44 or €1.46 – €1.50/kg. The DAFM weekly throughput figure was 75,796 for week ending 13/02/21.

This week Irish pig farmers gathered with poultry meat and egg producers in Cork and Monaghan to highlight the urgency that they have to recover costs from the food chain. Unfortunately, primary producers have no means of passing their costs on to another link in the food chain, and with spiralling costs caused by external factors outside the control of the farm gate, this is why Irish pig farmers have called on the government to intervene with financial support measures for the sector.  The average 600 sow unit lost in excess of 52,000 for the first month of the year.

On the European market, pig prices remain largely unchanged.  Many EU member states have now adopted support measures while others have recently been successful in raising their aid ceiling to €290,000 including the Czech, Lithuanian and Greek schemes.  The aid is expected to help those affected by the pandemic, which will help to address liquidity issues.  

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