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Pig Market Update 18th December

The pig trade remains very steady with no change in prices yet again. Hopes of a pre-Christmas price rise to reach €2/kg have rescinded as the next two festive weeks, with limited production, will not leave pig farmers with much bargaining power.

This situation will only be short term as all pigmeat markets are being underpinned by the worldwide shortage of product caused by ASF in China. While Chinese buying activity may have being seasonally reduced of late, it will increase again as we enter 2020. Teagasc predict €2.15c/kg as the Irish pig price for the coming year and previous predictions by the pig department in Teagasc haven’t been far off the mark. The treat of ASF (African Swine Fever) to Ireland remain a constant worry to the pig industry and IFA continue to lobby the Department of Agriculture to increase border checks on imported pigmeat product.

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