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Pig Market Update 19th April

There was no announced change to Irish pig prices last Friday. Farmers are reporting quotes of €2.28 as an average Irish price. However, one processing plant with a smaller throughput have increased the price paid to farmers in the region of 4-6c/ kg with some farmers now reporting top prices of circa €2.38 – €2.40 available.

The average European Pig Price for week 14 was 236.8c/kg according to the European Commission for a grade E carcass pig, which is 25% higher than prices for the same week last year. 

The grain market is volatile, and prices continue to fluctuate. Closing prices as of the 18th of old and new crop wheat is circa €260/tonne which is up circa €5/tonne on the previous two days. Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are stopping their imports from Ukraine to protect their own producers. The weather remains favourable in Europe. 

Irish pig prices, while at record highs, are still averaging behind the European average price considerably. The differential of circa 8c/kg in the average Irish & EU price hampering Irish producers. There is a significant reduction in pigmeat tonnes on the European market and this must be reflected in the returns paid to producers. 

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