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Pig Market Update 19th July

There was no announced change to Irish pig prices last Friday however farmers are reporting quotes of €2.38 – €2.42 and upwards available among Irish processing plants.  Further unannounced increases were reported.

The weekly throughput in ROI plants for week ending July 16th   was 60,160 of which 1,624 were sows. Year to date there have been over 11% less fatteners processed through the food system in the Republic of Ireland.

 The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 27 was 250.5/kg which is 3% higher than last month and 30% higher than prices for the same week last year according to the Commission.   Russia announced that it is halting it’s participation in the Black Sea Initiative, or the Ukraine export corridor deal.

This has not had as much of an impact on market prices as some might have thought. Russia has said that if it’s end of the deal is fulfilled, then it will rejoin the deal, allowing Ukraine to export foodstuffs and fertiliser through the Black Sea once again.

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