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Pig Market Update 1st December

Pig price held stable this week. Farmers are receiving quotes ranging from €1.44c/kg up to €1.48 or €1.46 – €1.50/kg for some this week. 

Pig farmers are being pushed further into negative margins as another increase in feed price was endured.  The cost of production has soared in recent months with all inputs increasing considerably: Feed, Labour, Energy, Transport, all have seen levels of inflation not witnessed before by the farmers over such a short period of time.  

EU pig meat prices experienced no major change again this week and the market is stabilising although prices remain low. Biosecurity is becoming increasingly important for disease prevention. ASF poses a great threat at present to pig farmers, especially those in mainland Europe.  Farmers are focusing on implementing strict biosecurity measures to curtail the spread of ASF, as the impact it has on the industry is damning.  

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