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Pig Market Update 1st June

There was no change in pig price quotes from factories once again this week. The vibes early last week gave some hope that an official 4c/kg increase was imminent, but farmers, once again, were left disappointed. Slight improvements in the European average pig price with Spain, France and the UK saw more price improvements and have left the EU average rising up to closely follow the Irish average price of €1.71c/kg.  

Further compound feed increases from 1st June has reduced the margin over feed on Irish pig farms. The prospect for the months ahead remains very positive with better BBQ weather across Europe and the return of sporting events which should reinvigorate consumers to spend and pork will benefit.

The reduced global availability of pigmeat should see our price head towards the Spanish mark of €1.99c/kg.  Last week’s total throughput was 72,797 as recorded by the Department of Agriculture. The continued strong supply of pigs from Irish farms is a testament to the improvements in both breeding and management, but strong supply does revert the shift of power in the market back to factories when a production day is lost due to bank holidays. 

Export Plants 

Top prices on a flat rate basis

<= €1.68/kg-€1.74c/kg in Rosderra and Kepak

<=€1.72/kg – €1.76/kg in Karro (Cookstown),

<= €1.70/kg – €1.76/kg in Dawn Pork & Bacon

<=€1.70/kg -€ 1.76/kg in Staunton’s



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