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Pig Market Update 20th December

There was no change to Irish pig prices on Friday last with farmers reporting quotes of €2.10 – €2.14 available from processors in ROI.  

The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 48 was €2.13/kg which is 3.9% higher than prices for the same week last year according to the Commission, and it is up 0.4% on last month’s prices and is on par with the previous weeks average price. 

For the period Jan-Oct: YOY exports are down 17% and imports are down 9%. Earlier in the year in Jan-Jun data, exports were down 16% and the imports were down 13%, so the data shows that imports are gradually increasing as year progresses.

Exports: There has been practically no change in monthly value of exports per kg in Jul-Oct period (€4.52 to €4.55/kg). There hasn’t been an increase in GB volume of exports yet the value is €5.80/kg according to the CSO data. 

China now our 2nd most important export destination behind UK as largest export destination for Irish pigmeat product. China as a % of total exports has decrease from 33% (2020-2021) to 23% this year. 

The weekly throughput figures for ROI for week ending the 17th of December was 72,369 of which 70,417 were sows.

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