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Pig Market Update 20th November

Pig farmers report strong demand from pig factories in the last week, with Dawn Pork & Bacon increasing their price by 4c/kg to supplier last Friday. While other processors chose to hold quotes, there is clear evidence that all factories are having to pay above their official quotes to secure supplies.

On quotes. €1.94c/kg to €1.96c/kg is common, but farmers have reported agreeing deals at €1.98c/kg and €2c/kg has been paid this week for some pigs. IFA Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan said that returns have increased dramatically for processors and pig farmers need to see this increase in full. Pigs have been produced at below the cost of production for long enough, and every cent that pig are receiving today in needed. He called on all processors to pay 2c/kg for to all suppliers for the coming week.

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