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Pig Market Update 22nd July

No change in any pig price again this week. €1.64c/kg- €1.68c/kg remains the range of quotes in all the main pig factories again this week. The past number of weeks have witnessed a huge amount of volatility across many EU continental markets, Germany in particular dropping to as low as €1.47c/kg. The reasons for this downward price movement are short-term and almost entirely linked to throughput problems in pig factories.

Covid-19 remains a major human health issue and the virus has proven difficult to contain in meat factory environments across the globe. There are positives with the large Tonnies plant reopening this week, and although throughput is restricted, it is getting through the backlog of factory fit pigs on farms. While Covid put a spanner in the works of all market analyst predictions from the start of the year, the outlook remains very good for a rising pig price for the remainder of the year.

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