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Pig Market Update 23rd September

There was no change in base pig quotes from all the main pig factories last Friday resulting in pig farmers still receiving €1.60-€1.62c/kg base price this week. The ASF positive cases in a small number of wild boar in an isolated part of East Germany has resulted in great amount of market turbulence in the worldwide pigmeat market. Germany pork exports are estimated at €1billion annually and since the conformation of ASF, a number of pigmeat importing countries have excluded all pigmeat imports from Germany.

While this is hugely negative for the German pigmeat sector, including German pig farmers, it’s not all negative news. Ireland has good market access to many important markets such as China, Korea, Vietnam and Philippines and demand will only increase due to the loss of the Germany pork supply. Tom Hogan said that demand from pig factories remained high, and he called on the processors to return the positive demand coming from both the domestic and exports markets to farmers.

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