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Pig Market Update 27th June

Irish pig price was increased by 4c/kg this week in Irish processing plants with Farmers receiving quotes of €1.86c/kg up to €1.92 or €1.92 – €1.96/kg. Some farmers selling pigs to the north for slaughter are receiving quotes of €2.00/kg and some farmers in ROI are receiving similar quotes from smaller processing plants in ROI too.  

While this upward movement in price is very welcome, it is important to note that Irish pig farmers are still in a loss-making situation and break-even is still not within their reach. It is close on a full year now that farmers have been incurring huge losses, forcing some of them to exit the business. 

There was little price change across Europe over the past week with Spain and France receiving over €2.00/kg as well as the UK up to €2.20/kg. European market prices have levelled with the weighted average price for grade S & E carcass at circa. €1.91/kg. 

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