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Pig Market Update 28th April

More downward price pressure last week as Rosderra and Kepak followed the European market trend and dropped pig price by 4c/kg. While it had seemed that some degree of stability had come into the pigmeat market in recent weeks, last week the German pig market dropped price by 9c/kg, and like the two aforementioned Irish factories, most European export countries followed this descending price trend.

Irish suppliers to Rosderra and Kepak are receiving from a low quote of €1.76c/kg up to €1.80c/kg, with a gap emerging once again to suppliers to Dawn Pork & Bacon and Staunton’s. Farmers suppling pigs to both these outfits are on the same price for the past two weeks at €1.82c/kg up to €1.86c/kg. Commenting on this latest price drop, IFA Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan said that the pig market had decreased by 20c/kg in total and was the sector greatest affected by Covid-19 in Ireland in terms of price reduction. He called on all processors to stop the price cuts and return stability to the sector.

Rosderra- €1.76-1.80c/kg

Kepak, €1.76- €1.80c/kg

Staunton’s €1.80-€1.84c/kg

Dawn Pork & Bacon €1.82-1.86c/kg

Sows, 0.85- 1.00c/kg

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