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Pig Market Update 28th July

No change in pig price this week, after most pig farmers have taken between 8-4c/kg price drop during the month of July. Factory demand is seasonally low in the past week with no massive appetite for additional numbers. Last week’s throughput at 69,025 is a reflection of this sluggish demand, with weekly kill numbers exceeding 70,000 most weeks this year to date. Karro in particulate in Cookstown NI have put back pigs from their regular ROI suppliers. 

All processors of pigs and pigmeat report that pigmeat is slower to move in the warm weather with other meats, beef in particular gaining most from BBQ season. The situation across Europe remains difficult with a sluggish return to tourism and very poor expert demand from China. 

Export Plants 

Top prices on a flat rate basis

<= €1.62/kg-€1.66c/kg in Rosderra and Kepak

<=€1.66/kg – €1.70c/kg in Karro (Cookstown),

<= €1.68/kg – €1.72/kg in Dawn Pork & Bacon

<=€1.66/kg -€ 1.72/kg in Staunton’s



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