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Pig Market Update 29th January

Quotes remain stable across the country with most farmers getting a price in the region of €1.96c/kg. The recent fluctuations in the pigmeat market across Europe also has shown positive signs of improving in recent days.

The Chinese New Year celebrations have seen meat buyers decreases activity and the extension of celebration may delay many buyers from coming back into the market for another week. The huge influence that China has on the European pigmeat market is again in the spotlight with the development of Corona virus and the preventative actions being taken across some region s of China.  ASF remains a constant threat to all European pig producers, including here in Ireland. Wild boar has been tested positive for ASF within 10km of the German border in recent days. Tom Hogan, IFA PIg Chairman called on DAFM to heighten all measures to protest the Irish pig sector from ASF

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