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Pig Market Update 30th August

There was no announced change to Irish pig prices last Friday. Irish pig farmers are reporting quotes of €2.38 – €2.42 and upwards available among Irish processing plants across the island.

The weekly throughput figures for ROI for week ending the 27th of August was 61,321 of which 1,758 were sows.

The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 33 was 236.9c/kg which is 16.9% higher than prices for the same week last year according to the Commission.  

Irish Pigmeat exports are back -12% in tonnes for the period Jan-June 2022 when compared with this year. Last year, for that period, 94,945 tonnes of pigmeat were exported across the world from Ireland. That volume  has now reduced to 38,767 tonnes according to data from the Central Statistics Office. 

According to the Commission, changes observed in the EU pigmeat slaughter data for the period Jan-May, found that EU slaughter figures are back -8.9%. Some of the biggest reductions on a percentage basis were observed in Denmark -18.3%, Slovakia – 13.9%, Latvia -13.2%, Belgium -13.1%, Netherlands – 12.6% and Ireland – 10.8%. Spain recorded a decline in slaughter figures of -8%. 

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