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Pig Market Update 30th November

There was no change in Irish pig price last Friday. Farmers are receiving quotes ranging from €2.06c/kg up to €2.16/kg from processing plants. 

There has been some positive movement at European level over the past week in terms of pig price: The Netherlands +3c/kg, Germany +5c/kg, Belgium +5c/kg, Denmark + 3c/kg and cull sows are also increasing in price. These prices are still behind the Irish pig price but positive movement is nonetheless welcome. The average grade E carcass price for week 46 is €197.3/kg. The average Irish pig price is circa €2.10/kg and Irish family farms are losing circa €9/pig sold at this price according to Teagasc. This month is the 15th consecutive month of losses. 

Farmers who applied for PEPS2 are reminded to submit their breeding  reduction declaration by the 31st of December 2022.

South American weather is currently at critical stages of the southern hemisphere cropping cycle. Argentina and Brazil combined are going to account for 48% of maize and 57% of soyabean exports for this current marketing year (USDA, 2022/23). 

 Dryness in Argentina has been ongoing and weather is at a critical watchpoint for both their maize and soyabean plantings. 

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