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Pig Market Update 31st January

There was a 4c/kg  drop in Irish pig prices last Friday with farmers reporting quotes of €2.02 – €2.06 available from processors in ROI. Producers selling pigs to Northern Ireland are reporting higher prices available to them.  

The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 3 was €2.05/kg which is 1.5% higher than prices for the same week last year according to the Commission, and it is back -3.4% on last month’s prices and -1.7% with the previous weeks average price. 

Over the past few weeks, overall old-crop global wheat markets have continued to feel bearish sentiment from competitive Black Sea supplies. This is against a backdrop of a forecast of ample global maize supplies and with a key influence of currency movements too.

This pressure has filtered through into week-on-week movements on feed wheat futures as expected and we have seen downward movement in physical markets. Reported by Ahdb, the UK average spot ex-farm price for feed wheat was below £180.00/t in the week ending 25 January, for the first time since September.

The weekly throughput figures for week ending the 28th  of Jan was 62,980 of which 1,588 were sows. 

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