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Pig Market Update 3rd November

There has been no official price change since late August, with the main pig processors quoting a base price of between €1.60c/kg in Rosderra and Kepak and 2-4c/kg above this in both Staunton’s and Dawn Pork and Bacon. Suppliers to Karro in Cookstown are receiving above this price on account of the increased administration and haulage costs, and a price of up to €1.66c/kg is quoted to regular supplies.

The Dept of Agriculture reported a kill of 59,274 last week, a shortened bank holiday week. Pig farmers are looking to move extra pigs on account of this reduced kill, and with the festive season in sight, all pig farms will be anxious to make plans in advance of a lost week of processing in eight weeks’ time. While the Irish home market is very good for all pigmeat, and exports are exceptionally strong, the EU pig price remains below our price and is hindered valid attempts by farmers to get a price rise.

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