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Pig Market Update 4th May

Irish pig price was unchanged this week with Farmers are receiving quotes of €1.66c/kg up to €1.70 or €1.72 – €1.76/kg. The weekly throughput for week ending 1st of May was 75,663. 

Some Farmers who purchase their feed from feed mills were notified of a further price increase of c. €45 / tonne from the 1st of May. This eats up a further 18c/kg bringing the average cost of feed to c. €1.69 / kg according to Teagasc, while there are farmers with considerably higher feed costs depending on how they have bought forward. Currently, some farmers are losing c.€45 – €50 and need significantly more upward movement in the price they are paid for their pigs urgently.  Farmers simply cannot continue to produce pigs at such grave losses and must have their Margins recovered. The cost of production has reached unprecedented levels for Irish pig farmers, the price they receive is unsustainable.The European market prices have levelled slightly, although for Spain, France and the UK, their price is over €2.00/kg.  The average Irish price is circa 30c/kg behind those countries.   

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