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Pig Market Update 4th October

Irish pig prices to producers dropped by 4c/kg  on  Friday last with farmers reporting quotes of €2.29- €2.35 available from processors in ROI.

The weekly throughput figures for ROI for week ending the 1st of October was 61,463 of which 1,776 were sows. 

The average European price for a grade E carcass pig for week 38 was 227.9/kg which is 7.7% higher than prices for the same week last year according to the Commission, however, it is back -.4% on last week’s average price and -2.1% on last month’s prices.  

 At a Pigmeat Working Party meeting in Brussels last week, a Swedish farmer representative  informed the meeting that there has been an outbreak of ASF in Sweden in wild boars. There are 41 confirmed cases in a 5km radius. In Italy, there have also been further serious problems with ASF and over 30,000 pigs were culled in late September as a result. This outbreak occurred in one of Italy’s most densely populated regions with pigs in Lombardy, otherwise  known as the pig belt. 

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