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Pig Market Update 5th April

Irish pig prices were static last week. Farmers are reporting quotes of €2.28 as an average price. There are however top prices of circa €2.36 – €2.38 also reported. 

European pig prices continue to increase and there are significantly higher prices available in other MS including France €2.85 and Spain €2.63 which is largely due to a tightening in supply across the EU of pig meat.  Irish prices must push on stronger in the short-term. The Commission reports that there were circa -5% less fatteners in December 2022 vs 2021.

 The weekly throughput for week ending 2nd of April 2023 was 65,406, of which 1,744 were sows. The ROI weekly pig kill is running circa 11% below this time last year. 

Today’s quotes as of the 5th of April for Sept ‘23 Irish Native dried Wheat circa €255 – 260/t, this is for both old & new crop futures, back from the peaks of €370/t last summer. The average European Pig Price for week 12 was €2.33/kg according to the European Commission for a grade E carcass pig, which is 28% higher than prices for the same week last year. 

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