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Pig Market Update 6th October

The Irish pig price dropped 4c/kg last Friday, resulting in quotes for this week ranging from €1.48c/kg up to €1.52 or €1.54 – €1.58/kg in cases. Throughput was back to 67,237, last week due to various reasons including problems with slaughter lines.

The urgency on issuing work permits for Non-EEA workers remains a priority for the pig sector.  Skilled labourers are not available within the EU to work in our boning halls and must be sourced urgently to help alleviate backlog of pigs caused by the labour shortage. The labour shortage is widely experienced and there is a possibility that a large number of pigs will be euthanised in the UK over the next while if a solution is not found. Pig prices have fallen in the EU and UK this week except for Denmark and Ukraine. 

Export Plants

Top prices on a flat rate basis.

<= €1.48/kg-€1.52c/kg in Rosderra and Kepak

<=€1.40/kg – €1.48c/kg in Karro (Cookstown), 

<= €1.54/kg – €1.58/kg in Dawn Pork & Bacon 

<=€1.54/kg -€ 1.58/kg in Staunton’s


€0.46- €0.48 c/kg

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