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Pig Market Update 8th September

The pig price has held for this week in the main, after the previous weeks 4c/kg reduction by the main processors. Quotes today are down as low as €1.52/1.54c/kg, but many suppliers are still receiving around €1.54-1.58c/kg from plants this week. While the reducing pig price over the past few months and continuous rising feed price has squeezed margins into negative territory, the immediate concern is the ability of some pig farmers to sell their pigs as needed.

The ongoing situation with Karro Foods in Cookstown, having a much-reduced demand for pigs, has caused additional pigs to be put on the already near capacity ROI pig processing market. The capability of the main processors to handle the weekly stock available is being restricted by labour availability, an issue affecting all commercial sectors in Ireland today.  Additional workers are needed to assist in processing the countries weekly pig supply.

Export Plants

Top prices on a flat rate basis

<= €1.52/kg-€1.56c/kg in Rosderra and Kepak

<=€1.52/kg – €1.60c/kg in Karro (Cookstown),

<= €1.54/kg – €1.58/kg in Dawn Pork & Bacon

<=€1.54/kg -€ 1.58/kg in Staunton’s


  €0.48- €0.56 c/kg

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