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Pig Price Report 9th October

No change in the pig market in the last 7 days, with reports to the IFA indicate that pig farmers are being quoted €1.84-€1.86c/kg by the main pig processors this week. Spot loads and some of the more domestic focus factories are paying higher than this again. The national pig kill remains very constant at 65,722 last week.

ASF continues to dominate the pigmeat market headlines, with Rabobank predicting that China, the producer of 50% of the worlds pigmeat, will be down 50% in production in 2019. That’s a 25% reduction in the overall production in the world! Putting this into perspective, just 2% of the worlds pigmeat is normally traded between nations. It all points towards continued export demand from China and other effected countries in South East Asia, and steadily rising pig prices.

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