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Pig Price Update 14th August

While there was no official price rise from the main pork export plants last Friday, there is signs that factories are paying above quotes to secure numbers.

While officially €1.76c/kg is common again this week as an official quote, reports from many farmers indicate that €1.78c/kg is being paid for this week’s pigs, with some talk of a return to €1.80c/kg being achieved for spot loads.

IFA Pig Committee Chairman Tom Hogan said he was disappointed but not surprised that factories did not officially increase the price and return 4c/kg to all farmers, but he said the pressure was mounting and a return to €1.80c/kg was fully justified.  Irish pig farmers deserve to be treated fairly and pigmeat markets, especially the export market, have improved in recent weeks and this must be reflected in a pig price increase.

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