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Pig Price Update 17th July

All factories reduced their pig price down 4c/kg last Friday for this week’s pigs. The reason given by processors were the sluggish export market and the negative effect that the recent upsurge in pig price has had on demand. The main driver of the world pig price increase since April this year, the Chinese market, has resisted the most recent product price increases from EU exporters.

Pork available from North and South America, even with trade tariffs applied, has become competitive against EU imports. The future outlook remains positive for the Irish pig price in the months ahead as demand will peak due to the reduction in domestic production in China and other ASF affected countries. After this price drop, farmers report prices ranging from €1.74c/kg to €1.76c/kg in the main. Supply to Irish factories remain tight with 64,200 killed last week.



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