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Pig Price Update 4th June

The Irish pig market remains buoyant with good demand from all processors on the back of improving pork markets, especially the export market. Last week’s kill of 66,000 continues the recent trend of reduced pig numbers available and this is causing all procurement managers and agents to be very competitive to fill their kill numbers every week.

There were more increases passed on to suppliers from most factories this week, with prices of €1.76c/kg up to €1.78c/kg buying most pigs. Spot prices of €1.80c/kg and higher were reported for some pigs and it is clear this is where the Irish price is heading. The European market remains positive with the German pig market leading the price, with €1.82c/kg. IFA Pig Chair Tom Hogan said that the treat of ASF cannot be underestimated and he has once again asked the Department of Agriculture to heighten biosecurity at point of entry into Ireland.

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