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Potato Market Update 21st February

Markets continue to hold steady with upward pressure on prices reported as the availability of prepack quality material continues to tighten. Trade for the peeling market is very strong. To date it is not shaping up to be an early year as ground remains very wet in many areas. 

In Europe, exporters, peelers and buyers for the fresh market are all competing for supplies. Importers from the East and from Mediterranean countries are looking for supplies but the high prices being quoted are restricting movement. In the U.K. planting is very much stop start. It is now very wet in many areas and no more planting is taking place. 

Rooster box (new season)€625€675€650
Rooster 10kg (new season)€8€9€8.50
Kerr Pinks 10kg (new season)€9€10€9.5
Markie wholesale (chipping) 25kg bag€14€15€14.50

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