Tide Is Turning on Cattle Prices – Supplies Tightening, Prices Increasing

IFA National Livestock Chairman Henry Burns said the tide is turning on cattle prices with supplies tightening rapidly and factories increasing prices to get numbers.

He said prices have moved on with some deals of €4.00 base on steers and €4.10 base on heifers paid for this week.

Henry Burns said feeders needed to dig in hard and demand a strong price increase at this stage. In general he said the base for steers is €3.95/4.00 and for heifers €4.05/4.10/kg. In addition, he said carcase weight is much less an issue with some of the big plants doing deals with no weight limit cuts.

He said Bulls are making €3.70/3.80/3.90 O/R/Us with better offers in places. Cows are making from €3.15 to €3.60/kg, with €3.30 for Os and €3.50 for R grades.

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