Assessment of Farms Losses Caused by Flash Floods in Donegal

IFA President Joe Healy has received an undertaking from the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed that an assessment of losses incurred by farmers in Donegal will take place without delay.

Joe Healy visited the Inishowen area in Co Donegal last Friday to survey the damage caused by the torrential rainstorm and met the Minister.

He said, “Farmers whose crops and livestock have been devastated by this event will have to be part of whatever aid package comes forward from the Government”.

Farmers who have lost animals should contact the DVO, and farmers who have lost crops or have had land damaged should contact Teagasc for an assessment to be carried out.

In relation to farm schemes, the Minister also gave IFA an undertaking that farmers whose lands have been damaged will not be penalised.

Joe Healy said the flash flooding has caused devastation for dozens of farmers, with farmland, sheds, stock and farmhouses badly damaged by the heavy downpour last week.

“The farming community is reeling from the shock of what happened. In some cases, stock has been lost and in other cases, land and crops are submerged under water. Farm families have been cut off because of damage to roads and bridges.”

Joe Healy said the farmers he had met were still trying to come to terms with the destruction caused by the unprecedented level of rainfall. “They are facing ruin because of the losses they have suffered.”

He called on the Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty to ensure support for farmers where their homes and contents have also been damaged due to flood waters.

HSE Emergency Helpline Numbers for those affected in Donegal

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