Bvd Testing Labs Must Sign Up to Code of Practice – IFA

IFA Animal Health chairman Pat Farrell has said Animal Health Ireland (AHI) must engage with all designated BVD testing laboratories and offer them the opportunity to sign up to the Code of Practice developed by the BVD Implementation group.

Pat Farrell said there are a small number of cases where animals have been assigned a false negative BVD test result, meaning the animals in question were in fact PIs.

He said farmers owning these animals have being exposed to costs and losses through no fault of their own for which they must be compensated.

Pat Farrell said the code developed by the BVD Implementation group provides a fair and reasonable mechanism to quantify the losses and costs incurred by these farmers and the basis for the testing laboratory to contribute towards them. He urged all designated laboratories to adopt the Code of Practice.

He said, “Farmers have spent €7m a year with these laboratories since the programme started in 2013 and the least they expect from them is to support the small number of farmers who have found themselves in this unfortunate situation.”

Pat Farrell said the laboratories that do sign up to this code will be publicised and he advised farmers to enquire with their testing lab if they have signed up to the code and to ensure those that do receive due recognition.

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