Collection System for Fallen Animals Is Not Cost-effective – IFA

IFA Animal Health Chairman Bert Stewart has strongly criticised the failure of the current fallen animal collection system to deliver a cost effective service to farmers.

He said it is over a year since IFA highlighted to the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney the exorbitant fees some farmers are been charged to have their fallen animals collected and despite commitments from the Minister, no reductions have occurred. “Farmers in some parts of the country are been charged €70 to €100 to have light weanlings and ewes collected which is unjustifiable and a clear indication of the lack of competition that exists in the sector.”
The IFA Chairman said the lack of any real competition in the fallen animal collection system was further compounded by the Department of Agriculture’s imposition of the 125 km maximum distance requirement.
He said IFA have detailed the cost increases as a result of the application of this anti-competitive measure, but the Minister has not removed it from the TSE subsidy scheme for knackeries and renderers.

Bert Stewart said the Minister for Agriculture must address the inadequate fallen animal disposal structures and provide a competitively priced fallen animal collection and disposal system for fallen animals throughout the country which all farmers can avail of.

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