Concern over Lack of Progress as Flooding Returns to the Shannon

IFA Flood Project Team Chairman Padraic Joyce has expressed serious concern over the lack of progress in dealing with flooding problems along the River Shannon. Recent heavy rainfall has led to the flooding of land and roadways adjacent to the river and its tributaries.


Padraic Joyce said, “Over the past three or four months, there was ample opportunity to undertake remedial works. This hasn’t happened and OPW Minister Sean Canney must now take urgent action”.


Mr Joyce said in the absence of a single authority in the Shannon region, it is important that agencies such as the ESB and Waterways Ireland play their part in controlling water levels to reduce damage to land and property, including farmyards.


The IFA Chairman said it’s over 12 months since the last period of prolonged flooding. Farmers are very disappointed that they don’t see any progress in the works that were promised.

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