Confirmed – Any County with Fodder Deficit Will Be Included in Transport Scheme

IFA Connacht Regional Chairman Padraic Joyce said the Department of Agriculture has confirmed to the IFA that any part of the country with a fodder deficit will be included in the transport scheme, once Teagasc verify it.

He said, “This has to be dealt with urgently. Farmers want to see the Minister and the Department move on this as quickly as possible”.

Padraic Joyce has said that confusion remains about aspects of the transport scheme for fodder announced by the Department of Agriculture. He said the Minister needs to convene an immediate meeting of the Fodder Action Group so that all stakeholders can discuss how the scheme will work in practice.

He said, overall there is a real need for immediate engagement to figure out how the scheme is going to actually work, “Instead of just announcing the scheme, it would have been better to discuss it collectively with all stakeholders in the Fodder Action Group so that the operational aspects could have been teased out.”

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