Crime Prevention in Focus at Kilkenny Executive

Rural security and the IFA’s Theft Stop initiative were discussed at this month’s Kilkenny County Executive Meeting.

The meeting was chaired by IFA Kilkenny Chairman John Bambrick and guest speakers included, IFA Rural Crime Prevention Executive Colin Connolly; Garda Inspector Liam Connolly Kilkenny; Garda Sergeant Tom O Dwyer, Crime Prevention Officer; and, Garda Sergeant Kelvin Courtney from the National Crime Prevention Office.

Key tips from the meeting:

  • Be proactive in securing your property and valuables
  • Lock up and light up your property
  • Report any suspicious activity
  • Contact your Crime Prevention Officer if you have a particular concern
  • Sign up to your community text alert service
  • Mark your equipment
  • Put a sign on your gate to let to show your property is protected
  • Register your property for free at

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Theft Stop is now available nationwide – register for free at For more information, email [email protected]

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