Current Eu Climate Talks Must Recognise Ireland’s Sustainable Model of Food Production – IFA

IFA President Eddie Downey has described the current EU talks regarding greenhouse gas emission targets up to 2030 as a real opportunity to ensure Ireland’s sustainable model of food production is supported and developed.

He said, “Farmers are required to produce food, fuel and energy and also protect the environment while addressing the climate challenge. The EU has recognised past climate policy mistakes and in October 2014 the Heads of Governments agreed that future emission reduction targets must recognise the multiple roles of agriculture. This is particularly important at a time of increasing global demand for food and resource stresses, such as water availability.

The current EU discussions with member states must deliver an outcome that recognises Ireland’s carbon efficient model of food production, and the scope of the sector to sustainably grow and develop”.

Eddie Downey said any solution will have to accommodate regions like Ireland that produces food sustainably and is not under water or other resource stress. It will have to take account of our forestry and permanent pasture.

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