Epa Septic Tank Report Highlights Need for More Robust Package of Measures – IFA


IFA Environment Chairman Thomas Cooney has renewed his call on the Department of Local Government and the EPA to establish a ring-fenced budget to address septic tank failure, following the publication of results of the 2016 inspections of domestic waste water treatment systems.

Thomas Cooney said, “The results show no improvement on previous years, demonstrating that the current procedure is not working. At the moment, a homeowner can only avail of the remediation grant if they have been inspected by the Council. This must change. Homeowners who want to address septic tank issues should not have to wait for an inspection and should be able to pro-actively work with their local authority to address this risk to human and animal health”.

Concluding he said, “A question remains, regarding Government’s commitment to rural Ireland. While they are committed to identifying funds to address the 43 direct discharges by local authorities of thousands of gallons of sewage into our rivers and streams, their silence and lack of support for addressing domestic waste water challenges is unacceptable.”

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