European Agriculture Has the Most Advanced Environmental and Climate Change Ambition in the World – IFA

IFA has joined forces with fellow farmers across the European Union today in calling on the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to ensure that the ambition of the current 2030 climate matches the objectives of the international Paris Agreement, which stipulates clearly that adaptation processes must be carried out “in a manner that does not threaten food production.”

Speaking after a joint meeting of farming representatives on agri-environment policy in Brussels today, Thomas Cooney IFA’s Environment Chairman said, “European farmers are issuing a clear message to President Junker, that farmers are key partners to the solution regarding climate change. In this regard, European agriculture has the most avant-garde environment and climate change ambition in the world.

“We support the mandate given to the Commission by Member States in the 2014 Council Conclusions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at EU level by 40%. The way to deliver this is to balance the climate change ambition and the multifunctional character of agriculture, which has to provide for food, feed and fibre. Therefore, the current 2030 talks must build upon the case for sustainable intensification of production and allow for adequate flexibilities, which recognise the low mitigation potential of the sector, as outlined in the Paris Agreement.”

Mr. Cooney added, “Farmers across Europe are firmly committed to ensuring economic, social and environmental sustainability and contributing to green growth. This is important at this time of on-going EU discussions with the US and other trade talks, such as with the Mercosur countries. It is absolutely essential that we avoid carbon leakage, in terms of the displacement of carbon efficient European production by third countries where there are often less stringent agri-environment standards.”

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