Excessive Fuel Price Gap Continues, Which Suppliers Fail to Justify – IFA

IFA’s Inputs Project Team Chairman James McCarthy has challenged fuel suppliers in parts of the country including Leitrim, Sligo, Kerry and Clare to explain their higher fuel charges which are adding additional costs to farm businesses and impact on the competitiveness of the sector.

Commenting on the most recent IFA fuel price survey he said, “The 22% price gap identified in previous surveys during the year continues, with farmers in Leitrim paying 74.90 cent per litre for agricultural diesel, while farmers in Galway pay 61.17 cent per litre. Farmers in counties including Westmeath, Clare, Sligo, Carlow and Monaghan all pay above the national average of 64.06 cent per litre for agriculture diesel.”

The average price per litre for car diesel is reported as 116.88c, however farmers in Monaghan pay 122.90c while farmers in Leitrim pay 119.90c. The average price for kerosene is 58.87 cent per litre.

Mr. McCarthy concluded, “This survey provides real information that famers should use to negotiate more competitively priced fuels to deliver cost savings for their farm businesses.”

Full details of the fuel price survey are available in the ‘Input prices’ section at www.ifarm.ie.


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