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Farm Family Council Report March 2023

  1. Activity since last National Council 
  • There have been 2 farm fatalities officially recorded by HSA to date. To keep up to date on farm fatalities click here
  • As Spring calving season and slurry season is in full swing, IFA created a February Farm Safety Focus poster to emphasis the importance of being safety conscious around this time (see enclosed). 
  • The Farm Safe Schools Programme, which was a partnership between Agri-Aware, Agri-Kids and IFA will not continue in 2023. Agri-Aware are in the process of designing a new farm safety programme to target school children.  
  • ‘Farmers Have Hearts’ programme, supported by the HSE, provides FREE one-to-one health checks in marts across the country. Consultations begin at 9.30am and finish at 5.00pm. 
  • Elphin Mart Co. Roscommon – March 1st  
  • Fermoy Mary, Co Cork – March 7th 
  • Birr Mart – Co Offaly – March 13th  
  • IFA attended the National Dialogue for Women in Agriculture on February 1st. The conference to discuss the many barriers to increasing women’s involvement in the sector, these included; the need for visibility of women within the sector, flexibility in working conditions, the need for more training, access to finance, the need to set industry targets particularly on boards, and succession providing more women with access to land.  
  • IFA wrote to Minister McConalogue to encourage him to host this event annually to develop effective strategies to overcome the identified barriers.  
  • An Garda Síochána, IFA and the members of the National Rural Safety Forum will come together to discuss safety in rural areas, crime prevention and security as part of National Community Engagement Week will take place on 17th to 21st April 2023. Details of the events will be circulated in early March.  
  • The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) (Amendment) Act 2022 was signed into law on 17th December 2022, but is not fully operational yet. The act is replacing the Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA). The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act is a new law in Ireland which sets out a legal framework for assisted decision-making. It establishes a new service – the Decision Support Service – to put in place many of the changes and to provide information to the public. It introduces different levels of support a person can access to help them make decisions if needed.  

Important principles of the Act include that: 

  • A person is presumed to have capacity to make decisions unless proven otherwise. 
  • A person should be supported to make decisions in so far as possible. 
  • A person has the right to make an “unwise” decision if they choose to 
  • A person has the right to access different supports to help make decisions if they need them. 
  • IFA is organising four regional meetings on Farm Succession and Inheritance in April.  


  • Tuesday, April 18th Woodford Dolmen, Carlow 8pm 
  • Thursday, April 20th Firgrove Mitchelstown, Cork 8pm 
  • Wednesday, May 3rd Ardboyne Hotel, Navan               8pm 
  • Thursday, May 4th Abbey Hotel, Roscommon 8pm 
  • IFA attended a meeting with Department of Social Protection to review the Rural Social Scheme (RSS) on Wednesday 22nd February. The review is to explore among others; the rationale, sustainability, societal impact, funding arrangement, future governance and management of the scheme. The review will also examine the role of the scheme and its ongoing relevance. 
  • The Rural Social Scheme (RSS) is aimed at low-income farmers and fishermen/women. To qualify for the RSS you must be getting a social welfare payment. 
  • €52 million has been allocated in the Budget 2023 for RSS.  
  • 3,350 places available nationwide. 
  • TAMS Grant 

IFA met with the Department of Agriculture Food & Marine to discuss the TAMS updates. 

The qualifying criteria for the 60% TAMS grant for women farmers are as follows: 

  • Aged between 18 to 66 years old. 
  • Have a herd number in 2022 or has successfully completed a recognised course of education in agriculture giving rise to an award at FETAC level 6 or its equivalent. 
  • Must exercise effective and long-term control in terms of decisions related to  the  management, benefits and financial risks of the farm. 
  1. Any EU/COPA developments 

Innovation Awards 

  • The Innovation Award for Women Farmers aims to highlight the contributions women make towards rural development, forestry and farming. The award is an opportunity to showcase the many innovative approaches women take in finding new solutions to the challenges faced in rural areas. 
  • This year’s edition of the Copa-Cogeca’s Innovation Award for Women Farmers is entitled “Women at the forefront of Sustainable Rural Areas” 
  • The deadline for applications is 31st March. 
  1. Upcoming issues 
  • IFA have been invited by An Garda Síochána to attend the Monaghan/Cavan Community Policing event on 17th and 19th April to promote health and wellbeing for vulnerable people in the community. 
  • IFA is invited to attend Embrace annual Remembrance Service on Sunday 25th June @ 2pm, in the Church of the Most Holy Rosary, Abbeyleix, Co Laois. 
  • IFA Farm Family & Social Affairs are meeting on Wednesday, 1st March 2023. 

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