Farm Family Reports

Farm Family Council Report November 2021

Activity since last National Council

  • The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) on 8th November reported:
    • A total of 5,492 COVID-19 related deaths in Ireland. 
    • A total of 3,161 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.
    • 498 COVID-19 patients are hospitalised, of whom 78 are in ICU. 
    • The COVID-19 Dashboard provides the most up-to-date information on the key indicators of COVID-19 in the community. 
  • IFA is a COVID Vaccine Partner and part of the Community Network. Ireland has among the highest uptake of vaccines in adults in the EU/EEA. Everyone aged 12 and over living in Ireland can now get a COVID-19 vaccine:  
    • Over 83% of adults are fully vaccinated.
    • Over 90% of adults are partially vaccinated.
    • Over 75% of the population 12 and over is fully vaccinated.
  • Factual up to date information about COVID-19 Vaccine on or you can phone HSE team on 1850 24 1850/01 240 8787 or email [email protected].
  • The following updates relate to Farm Safety:
  • In October the Accelerated Capital Allowance scheme of 50% per annum over two years for farmers needing to modify farm vehicles or farm equipment for an operator with a disability was launched. The scheme covers certain qualifying farm safety equipment to help prevent farm accidents. The Scheme has an annual budget of €5m excluding VAT. A dedicated email address: [email protected], has been set up for applications and is operational.
  • The On Feirm Ground project has started providing training to agricultural advisors to engage with farmers to provide support in relation to health and wellbeing and training is ongoing. 
  • In Budget 2022 a dedicated allocation of €2m was provided for Farm Safety. 
  • The three-year cap on farm businesses that meet qualifying conditions under the Nursing Home Support Scheme(Amendment) Act 2021 came into force on the 22nd October 2021. To support farm families and ensure the correct information is provided: 
    • The HSE provided a webinar to the committee on the changes and operational requirements.  
    • A dedicated trouble shooting contact was established between HSE and IFA. IFA is dealing directly with the HSE on a number of queries on the three-year cap under the Fair Deal Scheme including: the appointment of farm successor, who can qualify as a farm successor and the contribution of income and assets for individual cases. 
    • A new webpage with updated qualifying conditions, applications forms, information on documentation required etc. was developed, click here.  
    • It is important to note that farmers participating in the scheme can apply for the three-year cap (subject to meeting the qualifying conditions), they should apply by completing section 7 in the new application form and submitting it to their local Nursing Homes support scheme office before 20th April 2022. 
    • IFA issued a press release which acknowledged that the activation of three-year cap for family farms under fair deal is a significant step forward.
  • A range of measures have been announced under the next CAP 2023-2027 that will support women in farming in Ireland and promote gender equality, measures include: 
    • Increased rate the grant aid to 60% for women aged 41-55 years under Targeted Agriculture Modernisation Schemes (TAMS).
    • Women-only Knowledge Transfer (KT) groups.
    • A call under the European Innovation Partnerships (EIP) initiative for proposals to examine women’s participation in agriculture.
  • IFA attended the Women in Agriculture Stakeholders’ Group to discuss CAP measures, supports for women farmers through targeted training etc. 
  • IFA attended a meeting with National Safeguarding Advisory committee to discuss safeguarding in relation to banking.
  • IFA attending a meeting of the Farm Safety Partnership Advisory Committee to discuss updates from the farm safety working groups and the schools events which ran as part of Farm Safety week.

Any EU/COPA developments

  • IFA attended the Women’s Committee on the 15th October to discuss CAP measures.

Upcoming issues

  • Implement the 2021 Farm Safety programme of activities. 
  • Development of an IFA & Safeguarding Ireland future planning guidance document. 

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