Farm Safety Week 2017 – Farm Safety Is a Lifestyle Not a Slogan

Farm Safety Week will take place this year from 24th – 28th July 2017. The campaign will focus on a different risk each day. Farmers will be encouraged to take some time during the week to assess the safety of routine tasks. The message for Farm Safety Week is that farm safety is a lifestyle not a slogan.

Date Theme
Monday, 24th July Farm safety statistics
Tuesday, 25th July Machinery & Transport
Wednesday, 26th July Falls
Thursday, 27th July Livestock & Slurry
Friday, 28th July Children on Farms

Farming continues to have one of the poorest safety records of any sector in Ireland, last year 21 people lost their lives in farm accidents and 13 people have lost their lives so far in 2017. Despite increased awareness and discussion on safety, farmers of all ages are still taking risks when working and this needs to stop.

Get Involved

Farm Safety Week provides us all with a golden opportunity for a concerted and coordinated effort on farm safety and for all partner organisations to reaffirm very publicly through their individual initiatives their commitment to this drive.

You can help!

Support our supporters

A number of retailers will offer discounts on safety equipment and other items during Farm Safety Week – we’ll update their information here so you can make use of their offers!

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