Farmers Frustrated with Minister Coveney on Farm Charter and Publication of Names – IFA

IFA Deputy President Tim O’ Leary said farmers are becoming extremely frustrated over the lack of progress from Minister Coveney in finalising a new Charter of Farmers’ Rights to coincide with the new CAP.

Tim O Leary said IFA has held detailed negotiations with the Department of Agriculture on a new Charter over the past 12 months. While progress has been made on a number of aspects, the Minister needs to sort some key outstanding issues.

The IFA Deputy President said these issues on inspections and notice have been on the Minister’s desk for some considerable time and his inaction is unacceptable.

Tim O Leary said the outstanding Charter issues are a real challenge for the Minister to show he understands the pressures and stresses of farmers at inspection time and is prepared to take action to ensure a fairer system with reasonable notice of inspection.

On the publication of direct payments, Tim O Leary said Minister Coveney’s confirmation to proceed with making all individual payments public by the end of May is unacceptable to farmers and shows his clear indifference to their real concerns around the areas of security, confidentiality, and data protection.

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